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MJ gives us the story behind Anita and GG's fight and her real estate career.

Mar 25, 2012 What did you think of the Vegas trip? Highlights?
MJ: Our trip to Vegas was a weekend none of us will ever forget, EVER. We all headed out with the same agenda -- to have an amazing time celebrating together for Reza's birthday.

Did it go that simply and smoothly? Of course not, but looking closely at the six of us, (or eight), a weekend with lots of shenanigans is the wisest bet. Looking back, I think everyone else was almost too tame!! Sammy usually has a sorority of girls on his bedroom floor, (he doesn't share his bed with his one night conquests). Mike would have a singled out at least one girl, and GG deserved to be better entertained and attended to by Chris. I'm pretty sure she was disappointed by how it (didn't) go. . .  

As for myself on the first night of Vegas, well. . .I do love to have a good time, and I love to party with friends on special occasions. But I definitely didn't pace myself and by the time we were at dinner, I was saying and acting in ways that would not, had I not been intoxicated. I'm usually the person hosting and being attentive to everyone -- making sure everyone in the room feels loved, engaged, and included. I have too much love in my heart to act any other way, but if the alcohol "gets ya" you forfeit the chance to be your true self. In the end, with egg on my face, we all got to laugh about it, and after all, it was Vegas. Could you believe GG just bounced from the Vegas trip? What do you think about her behavior over the course of the weekend?

MJ: Yesssss, I can! Considering the way everyone else treated her at the last dinner, she would have to be a glutton for punishment to stick around for more of the silent treatment! GG thought it through before bouncing, and the idea of heading back to L.A. with a plate of cold fish, in confined airspace, (note her fear of flying) she dismissed herself in a way that was the most mature thing for her, emotionally.