The Persian Version

MJ gives us the story behind Anita and GG's fight and her real estate career.

Mar 25, 2012 Why did you think it was so important for Reza and GG to clear the air? What did you think of GG’s breakdown and her anger issues?

MJ: Whatever, I don't want my friends to be foes! They're looking at this from such different angle's. . . and they both needed a chance to shed light in a peaceful, neutral setting, which was my place. The future of their friendship depends on it. and I'll always route for the underdog. Next. What did you think about the champagne party? Were you nervous going into the event?
MJ: Actually, I really was nervous. I knew there was going to be a lot of tension between my friends. I'm okay with tension if it involves me, because I know how to stand up for myself, but with Anita and GG, you're dealing with the weakest links and that worried me. Although I believe my friends should be accountable for their actions, I knew it was gonna be near impossible for them to express their side and hash it out. Talk to us about GG/Anita’s confrontation. Why did you decide to get involved? Do you think they can move forward now and get along?
MJ: I still haven't forgiven Anita. After investing so much time praising and empowering her, apparently, her eye's only saw red. Why go behind our backs individually to gain false support? We all fell for it at one point or another.

The thing that disappointed me the most, was that after I made such a delightful fuss over her being a goddess in red, she accused me of talking ish about her. Yes, I was there, and I'm not innocent either, but I'm not that petty either. At the time, I felt like saying to her, "Grow up! Walk it off! State your case then let it go!" But she couldn't, and Anita's obsessiveness has time again only proven that sometimes beauty only runs skin deep.