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Asa discusses her style, her music career, and GG's anger issues.

Apr 6, 2012 Where you shocked that the Vegas situation came up again? And that once again Sunny got involved?
Asa: I couldn't believe again they started that whole "Anita's dress was 5 seasons ago" situation (yawwwn) and GG and MJ are both accusing each other of who really said what.

Look, it doesn't matter who said what first: When three girl friends are sitting next to each other at the dinner table and two of them whisper into each others ears something ugly and insulting about the third friend's dress, they are both in it. I think we can all universally agree that this is stupid and childish behavior and doesn't require any further discussion. Real girls don't act like that.

That type of ugly gossip, besides being utterly uninteresting, is very mean. After sitting through another hour of insulting Anita's "out of season dress," Sunny, being super real, was fed up and called out GG for being a mean girl. Sunny told GG that she is mean and needs to grow up. GG pops off, jumps up, and, in her usual form, and starts basically making fun of Sunny for having a job and saying the ugliest things to her. Things that made no sense and were super rude, like "Yeah go back to Santa Monica Blvd and make your little dollar,"
(Santa Monica Blvd is an area where prostitutes work)?

As I have said before, Sunny owns a multi-million dollar event business called While Lilac Inc. that she started on her own. Her clients are the likes of Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. She has worked hard for what she has and has no time for BS, bullies, and mean girls. End. How did you feel after the fight about GG? What do you think of her attitude and anger issues?
Asa: I calmly told her that what she did was rude, then left with Sunny.

I hear GG talk about her anger issues and express that she needs therapy, but I also see her being proud of how aggressive she is and that she barks like a rottweiler. I think GG has way too much invested in her aggressive behavior and her identity is pretty much solely based on the fact that she pops off in any given situation. It's much harder to navigate through a difficult situation by finding solution versus yelling or jumping at someone. To me it doesn't look like she wants to change.

At 30, if she wants to have real relationships in her life, she will have to grow and evolve. And like with most things, she will certainly not evolve until she admits to herself that she is the aggressor and the very source of drama and not the victim.