The Persian Version

Asa discusses her style, her music career, and GG's anger issues.

Apr 6, 2012 How was it watching Reza deal with his family issues? Were you shocked to see how difficult everything was for him and his father?
Asa: It was amazing to see the unfolding of emotions for them both as they were opening up to each other. It was like a dam of held back feelings that were finally released. Through open communication, they pierced through years and years of darkness and went straight to each others hearts. I am so so so happy that Reza has reconnected with his father. I can only imagine how deeply they have missed each other. On a lighter note, what’s happening with your music now?
Asa: I'm so excited, am working on my debut album! I've been writing and working on some epic dance songs. This Persian Pop Priestess (PPP) is hoping to have the album out this summer.

We're shooting the "Tehrangeles" video this weekend and will premier it on April 15th with the finale of Shahs. The "Diamond Water" video is next. I really cant wait for that one -- it's going to be a visual feast. I love creating, its when I feel most like myself.