The Persian Version

Reza dishes on everything from his sexuality to Mike and GG's relationship.

Mar 9, 2012 Tell us some more about you, why you decided to do this show and what you hope people will learn about the Persian community in Beverly Hills because of it?
Reza: I wanted to be on this show for one reason and one reason only, and that is to bring awareness to homosexuality in the Middle Eastern culture and more specifically amongst the Persian population. And I have a supportive family, I have an amazing network that loves and supports me, but I know that that’s not the case for the majority. When you have the president of the country I was born in come out and say that homosexuality doesn’t exist in Iran, it breaks my heart and it reinforces the notion that people need to keep hush about this. I thought to myself: if me living out loud on camera will force people to either talk about it, acknowledge it, whether it gives a young teenager a glimmer of hope, or some confidence or courage to come out to his or her family, then whatever heat I take for being on a reality show, is worth it ten-fold. Tell us more about your relationship with MJ? What do you think of her saying you guys didn’t actually sleep together? 
Reza: MJ and I go back 20+ years. We have been very close from the day we met, she’s like a best friend, a sister, a confidant, a colleague. We work together literally in the same office -- our desks face one another. It’s amazing; it's like having a partner in crime 24/7, someone who’s always got my back, supports me, and when someone knows you for 20+ years, there’s like a shorthand when you guys talk -- we can finish each other's sentences or just look at one another and we’ll start cracking up because I know she knows exactly what I’m thinking, and I don’t even have to say two words. It’s amazing to have that kind of a bond and to have it last from high school until our mid-30s. So she in the episode denies that you guys have ever gotten physical. What do you think about that? 
Reza: I think that it speaks volumes about the stuff that Persians need to do to save face. It happened. I will put my $30,000 Rolex on it. Whatever you want me to put on it, I will put on it. Not only did it happen, it happened twice. Not just once, but twice. She used to have the biggest crush on me before I was out. She wanted to hit that from back in the day. She needs to stop tripping and keep it 100.