The Persian Version

Reza dishes on everything from his sexuality to Mike and GG's relationship.

Mar 9, 2012 MJ started to describe your younger (awkward) days, but please tell us more about them.
Reza: I started out life really cute, and then it went downhill. There are a lot of things that are socially unacceptable in our culture: drinking excessively, drug use, all those things are really taboo, and they don’t just impact you personally, they impact your immediate family and your extended family. And being someone that was gay and in the closet, and not knowing how to deal with those emotions, I turned to food for comfort. And me and food had a relationship because I blossomed into about 300 pounds at one point. And she’s right -- I used to wear thick glasses and I had braces and I had zits and as soon as you start dealing with your issues, the food stopped, the zits went away, I started working out and started peeling away the layers. The authentic me came out. Tell us more about your work with Sammy, and what you thought of the house he showed you.
Reza: I don’t know if the audience can tell from just one episode but Sammy is an amazing person, really has the most amazing disposition whether it be with friendships or business, he’s amazing. He’s a true businessman but he’s amazing to deal with. He’s all smiles; he’s great. His workmanship and his product are stellar. The homes he builds in Beverly Hills are stand-out. People are still talking about houses that he has built 10 years later. He sold homes that were close to 10 million dollars, we have negotiated in the past, friends of mine that live in his properties love his homes and specifically request projects that he has done. This one was very unique because we literally walked into a shell. You know it’s hard to sell a shell and it was a bit jarring to me and my client, and my client ultimately decided not to embark upon such a huge project and he bought something else. But I’m looking forward to listing that house when Sammy’s done with it, because I know it’s going to be an amazing product. Let’s talk about the dinner with everyone. What do you think is going on with Mike and GG? What are your thoughts about inter-religious dating? What about GG and Asa’s H&M fight?
Reza: When you get six very, very vocal, very passionate, hot blooded Persians in a room, mix it with music and food and drinks, things get heated. Americans, when they see Persians engaged in just a heated debate or conversation, think we're arguing because our hands are flying in the air. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we use our hands a lot, and our decibel and volume is much higher, than your average American might be. Do we argue, do we debate? Absolutely. But is that all we do? Of course not, because, you know for example that argument that you saw at the dinner table? If that was all we did, we would not have such tight bonds and such long relationships.