The Persian Version

Reza dishes on everything from his sexuality to Mike and GG's relationship.

Mar 9, 2012 Would you be that mad if someone asked if your clothes were form H&M?
Reza: You know what’s hilarious? What is beyond hilarious? I do not own a lot of H&M, I do own some, but the irony of this whole thing? The most beautiful part about it is I’m wearing a Zegna suit, with a purple Zegna shirt when I make the comment about GG not appreciating that comment because basically it means you’re ghetto, I am wearing a tie that my cousin gave me to wear that I assumed was Hugo Boss (for some reason, I don’t know why I did) but that’s a freaking H&M tie! How funny is that that I’m sitting there wearing a $1000 suit, a $400 shirt, and I’m wearing a tie from H&M and I’m talking about how that’s basically her way of calling her a brokeass -- that’s the irony of it. Is my entire wardrobe H&M? Absolutely not. But I feel like the way that it was meant in that moment, you could have substituted H&M for Kmart. I don’t know -- it was used in a way, she used it in a manner and it worked, clearly because it got GG very upset and GG got very heated and combative. Do I have an issue with H&M? Absolutely not. I feel like you can rock H&M -- clearly I’m wearing a $1000 suit and I’m sporting an H&M tie. And I didn’t even know until I looked at it way later. I mean I reached out to my cousin because I didn’t have a tie to match that purple shirt. Isn’t that fantastic that I’m sharing that story too? I feel like if you’re going to be on a show (and I feel like I have a worthwhile message, and I’m not saying the other cast members don’t, they all obviously have their own messages) and I’m trying to get my message across, I’m going to give you me. I have to be me. I can’t try and give a speech about coming out of the closet and people need to support that and then not be real on the show. I keep it 100. Describe some pool party fashion dos and don’ts.
Reza: I had my boy coming over and I wanted to look really good. Sammy goes all out for his parties as you saw -- it’s catered, security, bartender, there were shot girls, there’s a friggin’ tiger at the party you know, DJ, all of that. So of course I want to look good, I want to represent. And I had my boy coming over, so I wanted to lay out some of the new stuff I bought you could see tags hanging out off some of the stuff. I wanted to get a second set of eyes so to speak. When we’re going to a Persian pool party, the irony of it is, at the end of the day -- how many people actually got in the pool? It’s not about the pool, it’s not about anything other than during the day, and there’s a pool at the property. There will be a pool at the location and it’ll be during the day, but that’s about it. You still need to serve it up if you’re going to a Persian pool party. What do you think about all the drama with Mike’s girlfriend and her outfit and then with GG?
Reza: First of all, I make these crazy comments sometimes. I can run my mouth. Lana, Mike’s girlfriend at the time, is an amazing girl and she has a killer body. It looked ten times better in person than it did on camera and it still looked killer on camera. And people were jealous, she looked amazing. And she was doing something that was a little different for us than a normal Persian pool party. She was in a bikini -- you don’t see people in bikinis, and she got in the water, and there was a lot of PDA which isn’t typical for a Persian pool party. So they stood out, and they got some hate because of it. But at the end of the day, I made a mistake by judging a book by its cover because she’s an amazing girl.