The Persian Version

Reza dishes on everything from his sexuality to Mike and GG's relationship.

Mar 9, 2012 Do you think there is something more going on with Mike and GG?
Reza: Absolutely 1000% feel like there is a lot of sexual tension. Mike definitely loves the attention from the ladies. There’s no doubt about it. Mike wants attention from everyone in the room, forget ladies. If Mike walks in a room, he wants you to notice him -- he wants young people, old people, men, women, he wants the animals to come up to him and ask to be pet. If there was a cockroach on the wall, he’d want the cockroach to give him a little shout-out. Mike works hard at looking good, and he does look good, and he does pay that attention. There is some chemistry, some tension, and if you’re around them, you can feel it. And clearly you saw it at the pool party. Anything else from the episode that you wanted to talk about?
Reza: I mean that whole thing with MJ and her mom and Sammy -- that for me was the most jarring of anything we saw in Episode 1. Personally as someone who lives in that circle and that’s my life, that was really hard for me to watch. Even though I know the type of relationship that the two of them have, it’s such a typical Persian mother/ Persian daughter relationship. Even though she and I have been friends for over 20 years, to hear her mother criticize her that way in front of other people, still every time I see it or hear it, it feels like the first time. It never gets any easier to deal with. I see how much of an impact it has on her. It’s really toxic to be judged and criticized by your parents so harshly on a continuous almost systematic manner -- it really breaks you down. So next week is your birthday party in Vegas. Do you have anything you have to tease for the viewers to look forward to?
Reza: There’s so much. I can tell you that it’s like hitting a jackpot. It’s like 7, 7, and 7. We hit the jackpot, we cover it all. There’s amazing times, there might be a sloppy moment. There might be a heated moment, there’s going to be some loveable moments there might be some tender moments -- we give you the spectrum in Episode 2. And relationships aren’t always in the same place, so look forward to us exploring, and certain people might get closer, certain people might drift apart. It’s real. The beauty of this show is it’s real. We’re real friends, we really do things together and it’s going to be really fun for people to see how our friendships evolve as the season progresses.