The Persian Version

GG discusses her relationship with Mike, Chris, and the Las Vegas bust-up.

Mar 16, 2012 Tell us about the suite in Vegas? Were you impressed with what Reza found for you guys to stay in?
GG: The suite that we stayed in for Reza's bday at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas was beyond gorgeous. Job well done. Tell us some more about Chris.
GG: Chris and I have known each other for a very long time. I could definitely say there was a point in our lives where we were interested in more (like a relationship) but we're very, very different from each other. I will always hold a big place in my heart for him because he's a very special person to me. But at this moment in my life, it's not going to be more than a friendship and maybe playtime (wink wink) when I go to Vegas. LOL! You seemed to be having a hard time relaxing in Vegas. What was holding you back from letting loose?
GG: I was genuinely going to Vegas to celebrate Reza's birthday, as well as get a chance to relax by the pool or at the spa. I don't drink as much as the others, so I guess it just seemed like I was not as happy as the others were. Things also slowly started to shift amongst the others and myself because I was with Chris, and I guess they weren't too thrilled about that. And then. . everything blew up!!! Blew up hard core!