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Family Scars Are the Deepest

Asa explains the process behind Diamond Water, why Reza needed his friends in Great Neck, and praises MJ for taking GG to task.

I'm so beyond excited to make Diamond Water available to the world!

I am thrilled that I have manifested the perfect partners for this venture, who own a number of large businesses, are very interested in healthy and holistic lifestyles, and greatly believe in the benefits of Diamond Water. So, you are going to see a new side of me, Asa the Entrepreneur!

I put a lot of energy into Diamond Water, since I was like 13 years old and want to make sure that even while produced on a large scale, every aspect of this is still hand picked and carefully chosen.

I went to high school with Pat's younger brother and they are of the largest wholesale diamond dealers in the U.S. So, I was blessed to be able to get a "family price" on a beautiful Diamond.

Since ancient times gems and crystals have been revered and used for their healing properties. And diamonds are considered the queen of all gems.

Alkaline water is absolutely miraculous for a healthy body. It is known to regenerate cells and provide superior hydration. In Japan and parts of Europe, alkaline water is prescribed as medicine. While people in the health and holistic industries have long been dedicated to alkaline diets, this has recently taken Hollywood by a storm.

I believe that intention is very important in everything that we do.

I put a lot of love into the things that I create.

I don't want to take up all this space about alkaline water, but if you are interested in a healthier lifestyle and diet, research alkaline water and read about its numerous physical benefits. Also, for more info about all of this, check out our site, which we launched this week!!

This scene with MJ and GG is very interesting. Finally MJ is telling GG that she needs to be accountable for her behavior and that her own behavior was the reason she didn't get to go to Cabo. Yet she is still not owning it. I was happy to see MJ not enabling GG and calling her out on her inability to be accountable and take responsibility for her actions and behavior. And as MJ pointed out GG has still not called me, to this day (at the time it was three weeks, now it is four months or so). Nobody is perfect and I realize that she has some really deep things to deal with and I wish her the best. The first step to healing is wanting to evolve and being able to be honest with yourself about what you need to change to be a healthier individual. I have moved on and forgiven her, but had to step out of the friendship as it became too abusive for me when she became physically violent. I don't want that in my life.

Ahhhh Diamond Water. My entire life I have been very connected to my inner/higher self. Mediation and prayer are a great part of my life.

It's very important to me to physically pray/chant/meditate at the water facility over Diamond Water before we bottle it. There have been numerous studies that water molecules are affected by words and energies. I want Diamond Water to be infused with Love Energy so I will infuse it with it before bottling. Purity, health, joy, love, life is what I wish for us all.

I loved seeing Jessica at Mike's shabbat dinner. She is a sweet heart and I knew Mike's parents would love her even though they really want him to marry a Jewish Persian girl. Times are changing and our parents are learning to be more open minded about these things. While I understand that it's "easier" to marry into your own race/religion, love is love and sees no color, religion, or race. Love above all.

NYC and Great Neck were awesome. It was so special being with Reza's family and finally meeting everybody in person. It was such an emotional weekend for Reza and therefore for all of us. Reza, Mike, MJ, and I cried like three times that weekend talking about his grandmother, father, and mother. When I see Reza crying at lunch with his dad it breaks my heart, but I'm so incredibly proud of how his relationship with his father has evolved. Family scars are deepest and sadly they often don't get resolved. But both of them have been so courageous because of their deep love for each other to come forward and reach out for each other. So amazing.

Lilly and her glam squad getting ready for her blind date. Girl, what are you doing. . .I was LOLing the whole time through her date because she was talking about her ex the WHOLE time. Hahaha. I felt bad for the guy, but I think Lilly definitely needs to be with her ex. She seems to be still so connected to him and unwilling/unable to be open to a new person. I do have to say I didn't sense any chemistry between her and this guy either. Nice guy, but he definitely was not for her. Lilly belongs with her ex.

That "tribal" gathering in Reza's hotel room was so intense. We were literally all in tears talking about his grandmothers life in Iran and some the things she must have gone through. Rosh Hashanah in Great Neck! Good food, great company, and ancient ritual. . .what's there not to LOVE?!? Reza was pretty nervous about seeing his grandmother but also ready to face it and let it go. We were all there to support him and give him love and strength.

As soon as he and his grandmother laid on each other, all tension and anxiety faded and transformed into love. It was so awesome to share that experience with him. His grandmother was so alert, sassy and funny. It was a beautiful night in lovely company.

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GG: I Wish Things Were Different

GG explains why she finally had to confront Mike about Turkey. How was Asifa's cooking?
GG: They say the fastest way to a man's heart is through his belly... well Asifa won't be qualifying in that aspect. I've never tasted eggs so bland. The scrambled eggs looked like they got a beat down by an angry crack head and they tasted even worse. Hopefully Asifa is good in bed and can keep her man for those skills instead of her "cooking" skills. Why do you think you weren't interested in dating at that time?
GG: I've been in back to back relationships since I was 15 years old. I have sort of lost my ability to love a man, and I simply get into relationships knowing I'll break up with them soon enough. I was hurt very badly once, and I've become pretty numb to love ever since. I simply want to take a moment and be single and reflect on myself and what it truly is that I hope to get out of a relationship. Learning to trust again is not easy. Especially when so many men cheat! Why did you decide to confront Mike finally at Shervin's party?
GG: Many people don't understand the dynamic between me and Mike, and they never will unfortunately. After the incident in Turkey, things became very awkward between us, perhaps because of his guilty conscience, and he would always talk to me in an angry way. I had warned him many times to stop talking to me like that, but it only got worse. Mike was being extremely disrespectful and condescending toward me; so much so that everyone else noticed it too. After giving Mike a million failed chances to be nicer towards me, I couldn't respect him anymore. I was holding onto a secret that I knew could damage him, but I did it out of respect for our 20 years of friendship. But how does anyone hold onto loyalty for someone that is walking all over them? I wish things could be different. But he never made the effort. His guilt led him to be so mean to me and enough was enough. I had to drop the bomb.

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