Asa Soltan Rahmati

Asa regrets calling MJ a pill-popper, but she does think she needs to change her ways.

on Jan 9, 2013

One of my favorite things to do in the world is to cruise in my car blasting music. And Reza is the perfect person to do this with. So, jamming to an old Andy song with Reza rolllllin' is the best thing ever!!!

Reza has always been supportive about my work and music and has always given me really good feedback. Reza knows me really well, totally understands my vision, and he has a great business mind -- so I know he's going to get my idea of a Persian Music Festival and my world debut live show.

Here's what I have to say about the "apology" lunch: First off four weeks had already passed with not one text, email, or phone call from Golnesa. Nothing. If she wanted to "apologize," why didn't she reach out to me and said so? (Also very convenient that the "apology" was set up for two days before Cabo).

SO, let me get this straight. . .you raise your hand on a friend, don't call/text/email for four weeks, then you decide to sets up an "apology"
lunch two days before a trip, and now I am forced to show up for that?
No thank you. I have moved on. And like I said in my text to MJ explaining why I didn't show up: In my world, you have to give Love and Respect to get Love and Respect. She has given me neither and I am fed up with her spoiled brat behavior (which she's proud) and her sense of entitlement. And for me, this is not a matter of an apology. I have long forgiven Golnesa. I just simply don't want her energy in my life. We've been here before and talk is cheap.