Asa Soltan Rahmati

Asa regrets calling MJ a pill-popper, but she does think she needs to change her ways.

on Jan 9, 2013

Ok, so we all go to our rooms and freshen up to go to dinner, but where in the world is Mikey Joon??? We were all a bit concerned So, we go to get him from his room. And there he was sound asleep. When he opened his eyes he was looking around and literally didn't know who we were or who he was and where we were. Cabo Wabo.

Dinner started beautiful with deep conversation and MJ talking about her first therapy session. I was really enjoying our dialogue. Then Lilly made a very sweet toast telling MJ that this is the kind of talking she loves to have with her (meaning nice and sincere talk). We were all very interested and engaged in MJ's story until she took a jab (a subtle jab, yet a jab) at Lilly. That's when the vibe of the conversation changed.

I think MJ doesn't realize how sarcastic she is sometimes. She often takes jabs at people and usually says what she wants to say, but wrapped in a sarcastic remark and is never accountable for her jabs. From there on we went down the blackhole of MJ's backtracking with lies and illusions.

There are many great qualities MJ has and I love her (even though we are currently not on speaking terms), however she is a liar and cannot keep it real.