Asa Soltan Rahmati

Asa regrets calling MJ a pill-popper, but she does think she needs to change her ways.

on Jan 9, 2013

This is about MJ and her accountability. She calls Lilly a Chia Pet to me and not just once. Don't call anybody anything behind their back if you're not willing to say it to their face. First MJ said she never called her a Chia Pet (a lie), then she said she only said it to Reza (a lie), then she said it's a term of
endearment. MJ is a liar and needs to be more accountable for her words. OR MJ is really living in a parallel universe where she says/and does whatever she wants when she is out of it then can always deny/forget what she says. This has become very easy for her.

A good start would be being real with herself and living in a at least a somewhat sober reality and not a cluster of lies and illusions. She keeps swearing on her Dad's life with all this stuff, which is very tacky particularly while she is lying. Of course, it's also possible that she was drunk at the time and forgot the next day, which is obviously a strong possibility with MJ as well.

Then she started going down the ugly mean road of mocking my art/expression/existence and making fun of me talking about galactic spaceship and pop priestess. Those were low blows and uncalled for and with that the tone of the convo really changed for me.

That was very mean of her to take it there and make fun of me and my work in front of everybody, especially while she was lying about the
chia pet comment (and that was what this whole thing was about). If