Asa Soltan Rahmati

Asa is shocked by MJ's comments about her, attitude, and her fight with Reza.

on Dec 16, 2012

Wow, MJ, really? You say I "KEEP on talking about his big nose"?!?  I said I appreciate his beautiful big nose ONCE. And meant it. I know it's hard for you, or anybody else with a nose job to believe, but I meant it. This whole nose witch hunt is becoming comical.

I love Mike talking sense into MJ.

Haha Every time GG retells what happened, she lies and these playbacks proving GGs lies each time are priceless! LOL. Like when she is trying to say I got in her face and then you see how it actually happened and how she got in my face.

This "BBQ". . .Um, is it me or is this the mean people bully convention?!? Who says such disgusting things about their friend while nobody (except Mike) checks them?

Not only does GG have no remorse whatsoever, but she also has no gage of what's right and wrong and is totally proud of her behavior.