Cast Blog: #SHAHS

MJ's Supposed to Be My Friend

Asa is shocked by MJ's comments about her, attitude, and her fight with Reza.

Wow, MJ, really? You say I "KEEP on talking about his big nose"?!?  I said I appreciate his beautiful big nose ONCE. And meant it. I know it's hard for you, or anybody else with a nose job to believe, but I meant it. This whole nose witch hunt is becoming comical.

I love Mike talking sense into MJ.

Haha Every time GG retells what happened, she lies and these playbacks proving GGs lies each time are priceless! LOL. Like when she is trying to say I got in her face and then you see how it actually happened and how she got in my face.

This "BBQ". . .Um, is it me or is this the mean people bully convention?!? Who says such disgusting things about their friend while nobody (except Mike) checks them?

Not only does GG have no remorse whatsoever, but she also has no gage of what's right and wrong and is totally proud of her behavior.

Thank God Mike was there to speak the voice of reason. He is literally the only light in that room. MJ just sits there while GG calls me disgusting names. She just sits there not saying a word. This is supposedly my friend. It's very difficuly to watch this stuff.

It was kool seeing Lilly in action at the photo shoot. Do your thangi thang Jooni Jooon.

OMG My Diamond Water meeting was krayzee. I loved Shawn's facial expression when I said the water will be infused with real diamonds! I could not believe it when he said there IS a way of mass producing my Diamond Water.

Wow. This scene with GG and her sister is very hard to watch. I don't know what kind of therapist she is seeing but it's clearly not working. Who talks to their pregnant sister like that? Everything her sister is saying is the plain truth.

It looks to me that GG's life is unravelling. She wants to cut her pregnant sister's face with a knife? And their Dad just sits there? Wow. This scene is very alarming on so many levels. This girl needs to mak serious changes in her life. She completely lacks respect. It's very obvious that nothing in her life has had any type consequences. Her Dad needs to stop enabling her psychotic brat behavior. It's gross.

The dinner with Reza, Lilly, and MJ was pretty funny. LOL. I went to the bathroom and came back and basically watched a ping pong battle between Lilly and MJ.

While I understand that MJ is curious about who Lilly is, it was totally tactless to roll into a dinner Lilly invited all of us to and IMMEDIATELY went in to critiqing her.

There was definitely tension coming from MJ towards Lilly. MJ feels like she is Reza's wife and other female friends are his mistresses? Did she just call Reza a philandering husband? Calling us romps? LOL that cracks me up. Please girl. Slow your roll.

I love sitting on the front porch at my parents' house hanging out with my Baba Joon drinking tea, eating watermelon, and paying backgammon! All we do it talk smack when we play, I love it, and it's literally like therapy for me. I feel so sad when I think about how much my Mom works. I want to make their life more comfortable. This is the most important thing to me.

All this other BS is so trivial especially when I have real life stuff going on. I know what I need to do and am very clear about my priorities.

Why would I waste anymore of my precious energy on nonsense BS when I need to focus all my energy to work hard and manifest the life that I want for me and my family.

The fight between Reza and MJ at the office is real tuff. I understand what Reza is saying about MJ not being as driven as he is. But everybody has a different drive and passion. I know 100 percent that Reza means well and wants the best for MJ but it seems that he is fed up with making excuses for her.

They have a lot of history together and I'm sure they will work it out

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MJ: The Party Was Exactly What Reza Wanted

MJ shares wild stories from Reza's secret bachelor party.

Ay, yi, yi! The bachelor party was exactly what Reza wanted and needed. His turn up was real, and although I tease about "sex in the champagne room," I just wanted to make sure it a night that Reza would remember, and I didn't want him to be bored or under whelmed. The craziest part was Reza during the drag show, taking over the stage in the middle of the performance. I think that we were borderline going to get jumped for disrupting the show, but he was like a little kid in Disneyland -- he had no ill will, and there was actually an innocence about the shenanigans. I mean it.

The morning after was the day of reckoning. As part of Reza's wish to have separate bachelor parties, I knew it wasn't the perfect plan, as it was not the party that Adam and Asa wanted, but off we go to Malibu. When Reza told Asa how hungover he was, I didn't make an issue out of him telling her, because he felt like death warmed over and we weren't planning to take it to the grave. Reza also wanted his gay friends to attend because it might not have been his straight guy friends’ cup of tea. At the end of the day, it wasn't his stag party, and not about me or Asa.

Here's some back ground story on the beef between GG and Asifa. The issue building up over the summer with Asifa has to do with a girl Bobby dated. I did not yet know that Asifa has a history of an erratic relationship with her boyfriend. All I saw was a beautiful woman and her boyfriend, who seemed happy, at least on the surface. The next thing I know, she’s blowing up at her boyfriend about sleeping with one of her friends. I was shocked to learn that Asifa was with another man while claiming this was a girl Bobby cheated on her with. Subsequent incidents of her public outbursts made me feel empathy for Asifa, because she seemed unstable to me. I kept my distance from the issues she had with her man. Unfortunately, this is not the last time Asifa tries to manipulate people into turning on each other over something that has nothing to do with any of us. I feel badly for anyone in an abusive relationship cycle. Both Bobby and Asifa deserve better.

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