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GG the Mature Business Woman

GG is happy she was uninvited to Mexico and is proud of her business savvy.

Hey Shahs lovers, sorry for not blogging last week. I was a bit too pissed off from being excluded from the trip to Mexico by my so called "friends" that I didn't want to only write about being disappointed and sad.

OK so here we go. . .

This was a very exciting episode for me because I had the launch of my company GG's Extensions!!! But I can't lie to y'all because I was a nervous wreck trying to put this event together. I spent lots of time organizing this event and making sure every last detail was set. So you can only understand how frustrated I was when I arrived to the venue City Club, and no one was there. I hired everybody to be there hours before my arrival so they can start setting up. I'm definitely freaking out now and I have no idea if this event would be done in enough time!

Meanwhile back in Mexico, the group is having issues because, (well let's face it) Ass-a is a shit starter and now that I'm not there they need another victim to prey on and that's MJ. I've gotta say I'm super relieved watching that drama go down in Mexico because it just goes to prove that I'm not the "only" person that's involved with the drama. . .as some were saying. These people clearly have a lack of understanding as to what a friendship is. They're saying that MJ has an issue with popping pills, but it's brought up and spoken of like it's an attack on her. Just the same as when they sit there and drink with me, but then say that I have a drinking problem. If you guys claim to be our friends, then don't you think a different approach might be more successful? Clearly MJ does not have a problem popping pills. Almost everyone I know takes a little something to take the edge off of flying. Oh well, I wasn't there so it's not my battle to fight.

Back to the launch of GG's Extensions.

Finally the crew I hired is arriving and setting up, so I can begin breathing again. I head back to the room I'm supposed to get ready in and the hair and makeup begins!!! I knew exactly what I wanted and my glam squad executed it to the T. Then, the handsome Omid walks into my room and surprises me with jewelry from one of my favorite designers Nehita Jewelry. He always knows exactly what to do to make me smile. He's always there for me emotionally and that's always enough, but no girl has a problem accepting some jewelry from a man. NO WAY!!!

It took a minute for the party to pick up but once it did, it was amazing!!! I invited everyone special to me as well as some of my friends in the industry. As I walked around the room I can remember how proud I was of myself. I remember thinking how much my sister Leila doubted my capabilities. I knew that in this moment, I have finally matured into a business woman. So it's time for me to kick my feet up and enjoy the night with everyone else.

Some of you might have different relationship dynamics but I usually remain friends with my ex-boyfriends. So naturally I'm going to invite my ex Alex. He's a great guy and he was only in town from London for a short time so I wanted to share my big night with him. I must say it was a little self-fulfilling watching Omid get jealous. It wasn't my intention to get him jealous, but it sure was cute. But hold up!!! I look over and I see Omid and Alex chatting. . .OMG! I have nothing to hide because Alex knows how I feel for Omid, but seriously, I was very uncomfortable. Glad they seemed to get along. Omid is the person in my life now and he is the person that I truly want to share this night with. So, while it was good seeing Alex, it's even better to have Omid by my side through it all. Love him!!!

The launch of GG's Extensions was a huge success. Everyone had a great time. People were putting in orders for their GG's Extensions all night. I couldn't have had imagined a better launch party thrown by myself. I was so impressed that I was able to pull this off. But if my own view of the night's success wasn't enough, someone else came to me and confirmed it.

Yes, I'm talking about my sister Leila. When she approached me I wasn't sure what to expect. To be quite honest I was expecting her to tell me about all of the things I did wrong. But she didn't. She told me she was shocked at how well I did. She was pleased with the launch party. Then, she hugs me!!! Ummmm. . .we don't ever hug each other. We don't have such a great relationship, and we never did have one. So this hug felt so bizarre. But I'm gonna embrace it and be proud.

Even though I do wish I could've been with my friends in Mexico, perhaps getting uninvited was the best thing that could've happened to me. I now see who my true friends are. They went to Mexico and had fun, yet the drama went with them as well. But the only difference this time, is that the drama can't be blamed on me. There's usually only one common denominator that is the CAUSE of drama. You guys can keep watching and make your own opinions. But for now, I've turned a new leaf. I don't need mean bullies in my life. I am completely focused on my businesses and on bettering myself in every way possible.

The launch of GG's Extensions was a huge success and this is just the beginning of me raising an empire.

MJ: "I Finally Opened My Heart to Love"

MJ dishes on her new man.

Last year in Turkey, I was blind-sided in the best way; I had a revelation, a new found desire to become a mother someday. I am very traditional when it comes to marriage and children in one household and under one roof. That is my dream and deepest hope. I have accomplished success in my career and happiness in every other area in my life. I finally opened my heart to love. I became vulnerable to find love. I met Charlie via Facebook/Tinder. I didn't "swipe right" on him, but he screen grabbed my profile, and messaged me on Facebook one night while I was at my place with Reza and Adam. They drilled Charlie with a series of questions about "what would make you a good candidate for MJ." Suffice it to say, he passed the test, took me to a beautiful, romantic restaurant on our first date where the conversation flowed, and so did the chemistry.

I'm so glad to have met Asifa last year, and even happier she has joined our group. My first impression of Asifa was that she was very polite, prim, pretty, and cordial. As time went on, I began to discover that there are many layers to Asifa. We are a complicated group of people and I look forward to getting to know her on a deeper level, the way I know the rest of my friends.

At Asa's house for the fire jumping ceremony, we all noticed Mike engrossed by Jessica eating a piece of shrimp, and I called him out. To me it was sexy to see a couple turned on by one another. But when I said what everyone else was thinking, Mike and Jessica looked shocked at what I had said, which was surprising to me. I think that once you are in a serious relationship, cheeky conversation topics are not at all off limits, and for us, the best thing about our friendship is sharing good spirited laughs with each other.

Woah, Nelly! Bobby was in the room for less than five minutes when Mike immediately picked a fight with him? As I watched this unfold, I saw how high Mike's nerves were running... It was very awkward. I attribute it to all the fresh, new, successful, alpha-male energy in the room. The tension in the room was undeniable, and unfortunately it got the best of him. Mike and Bobby have some history, and within seconds of Bobby getting there it all came to a head. This is a bad start for both of them, and it spilled over into a divide between us all.

Here's to a fruitful 2015!

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