Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

GG wishes Mike would have cut her off. Also, some choice words for Asa.

on Dec 21, 2012

 Now people question why I bring the rage out! NO NO NO it's not good to get physically aggressive with anybody, but come on people, you guys are a bunch of bullies. 

I remember getting back-to-back calls and messages from Omid about how awkward and uncomfortable the night was after all the bullying was going down. He said he was happy I wasn't there because I would've protected MJ and it would've gotten messy. I love that girl. Ya'll are gonna see some serious challenges amongst our friendship this season, but I would never talk shit about someone that I love and truly care about... Unlike some people. 

And yes I talked s--- about The Beast (Asa) and as long as she continues to badmouth me, I will go head to head in this war. So since I wasn't around for the previous blogs, I just need to clear up some rumors that The Beast (Asa) put out there... I DO NOT have fake lips, boobs, accent, or wear a wig. I DO wear extensions from my own hair company GG's Extensions. I DID get a nose job, and I DO get botox. That's it. On a funny note, I do want a little filler at some point in my lips and would like butt implants. Not sure my man or my family is gonna like that though!!! LOL!

See y'all back here for the next episode.