Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly explains why she wanted to give GG a chance and why she's not practicing law any time soon.

on Jan 28, 2013

I can't believe Asa is recording a song with Andy!! Anyone that knows anything about Persian music knows exactly who Andy is. He is a Persian Pop Icon. I am super excited for Asa and I think she is going to kill it at Persia-Palooza!

You guys met my beautiful friend Raumak a few episodes back at dinner, now you get to meet her husband, Neama. I was a little surprised when he called me and asked if he could stop by my office to discuss something. Neama is a very busy, hard-working attorney. If he is taking the time out of his day to come speak to me, it must be important.

When Neama tells me he thinks I should give up my company and return to the practice of law I am shocked. I value Neama's opinion and have an incredible amount of respect for him, but is this a joke? My partner Jennifer Stano and I have built Have Faith Swimgerie ( from the ground up to become a million dollar company. After all my hard work and success, it is extremely hurtful to hear him put me down for doing what I love.