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GG's Bad Behavior

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Cry Me a River

Mike: Master Negotiator

Lilly: Ain't Nobody Got Time for This

GG's Bad Behavior

Lilly was shocked at the drunken, uncalled for behavior of pretty much everyone at dinner.

Hi everyone, it’s the new Shah, Lilly Ghalichi! I am so happy to be a part of the show, and I hope you all enjoy getting to know me this season. To learn a little bit more about me, feel free to visit my website and read my bio.

I am currently house hunting (so stressful!), and I happen to have the most fabulous real estate agent in all of Beverly Hills: Reza Farahan. Reza shows me a really great house this episode, but it's not the one for me (and my on-again, off-again boyfriend Ali, but we'll get into him later!). The silver Bentley I drove up in I sold a few weeks ago, so it's bittersweet for me to watch as it makes me miss it!

The more you get to know me the more you'll see how obsessed I am with GLAM, I actually call my personal obsession GhalichiGLAM and I even have a GLAMSquad! This particular moment, however, is a very poor representation of that. LOL. I came to this appointment straight from a hot, sweaty swimwear factory, and I woke up late on top of that, so in order to make my meeting on time I didn’t fix my hair (clearly I have bed head and need a brush LOL) or do my makeup well. Hey, you can't be fabulous all the time, work comes first!

Despite our professional relationship, Reza and I are kind of obsessed with each other. I'm from Texas, and I don’t have a lot of Persian friends, so Reza is going to introduce me to his. I'm excited, and a little worried, Persian girls can be catty!

I arrive with Reza to the dinner where I'll meet his friend's for the first time, and I am a little nervous walking in. I don't know what to expect. At first impression, everyone was very sweet and welcoming, except for MJ. While everyone stood up to introduce themselves, MJ stood up and put her back to me. Asa had to call her out and ask her if she's met me yet.

Speaking of Asa, what an incredibly kind woman. From the moment I walked through the door she was so warm and lovely. She kept calling me a Persian Barbie, and welcoming me to the group. I couldn’t help but notice MJ rolling her eyes every time she would call me a new friend or new member of the group. I'm a little disappointed with how cold MJ was to me because Reza has told me that MJ is one of his closest friends, so I was really looking forward to getting to know her.

For the majority of the dinner I just sat there in shock. Some of the people at our table were drunk, sloppy, loud, and rude. I personally do not drink alcohol. I don't mind at all if people do, however, there's a time and a place for everything. An upscale Beverly Hills restaurant on a Tuesday evening is neither the time nor the place to get belligerently drunk and act a fool.

I was so embarrassed to even be sitting at that table. Yelling, screaming, disrespecting the waitstaff, knocking things over, inappropriate acts of PDA -- our table was a mess. All of the other restaurant patrons were annoyed, and I noticed many people getting up and leaving halfway through their meal.

I wanted to leave after five minutes of being there, but I didn't want to upset Reza, and I didn't want to appear rude to his friends that he so kindly introduced me to. So, I sat there quietly and tried to be as polite as possible despite my level of disgust with some of the behavior.

Omid was so inebriated towards the end that we can't even understand what he's saying. He's slurring and making zero sense. Out of nowhere, while raising his hand in a backhanded motion, he makes a disgusting comment about how he’s going to "Ric Flair" Asa and I. Really? Classy.

I had enough of this drunken disrespectful embarrassment and it was time that I spoke up. The threat of violence on any level is not a joke; the threat of violence from a man towards woman is simply unacceptable. Omid didn't react so well to me standing up to him. He began cussing and saying the most vulgar things as Mike (who is such a stud!) escorted him out of the restaurant.

GG left with Omid. It appeared to me that they were a couple, but they kept insisting that they were just friends. I think that GG is very beautiful, and she was very nice to me. I really like her, however she too was so inebriated that it overshadowed her beauty. Nothing makes a beautiful woman uglier than being a slurring, sloppy drunk. Hopefully this isn't usual behavior for her because it would be a shame. Asa made an insensitive comment cheering to Omid's "big" nose before I arrived. I completely understand how that could come across as offensive or insulting. Even though Asa meant it in a good way, Omid deserves an explanation and apology. However, I think GG's response is absolutely uncalled for. Women should never degrade each other to such a despicable low as to call one another a "transvestite." GG should have more respect for her fellow women than to stoop to such a low level. Even if Asa has offended and upset her with her comments towards Omid, there are much classier, more lady-like ways to handle your problems.

After this dinner, I’m not so sure I ever want to see some of these people again. I may not have a lot of Persian friends, but suddenly I am thankful for that!

Recap: Recipe for Disaster

Ep 15: Nadine weighs in on Part 1 of the reunion.

Here’s the thing… The Shahs reunion reminded me of a Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong. Except there was no turkey (or Turkey for that matter), not a lot of wine, and certainly not a lot of peace.

You’d think since the reunion was a little more intimate, being over a dinner table where they all broke bread, it would be somewhat peaceful…well guess again. I think sitting in such close quarters was a recipe for disaster, with a few exceptions. One being the infamous buttery chocolate cwaasannnt. Hallelujah! It’s over, finally!

There was so much covered, that I’m going to only address a few highlights…

So let’s get started, shall we?

Let’s start with Lilly “No Friend Zone” Ghalichi. I kind of felt bad for her. I truly don’t know what is going to happen with her next season. As is, she’s not hanging out with the Shahs. I just don’t know how will she come back after this. I was shocked that Asa laid into Lilly more than Reza did. It was only a few episodes ago where Lilly told Reza that Asa was the better friend to her. And as I recall, Asa gave Lilly a cooking lesson teaching her to beat her meat. I get that some of the Shahs have beef with her, but the truth is that Lilly doesn’t mesh well with this group (except for GG as of late). Andy did leave it open-ended, asking Reza if Lilly makes a real effort if he’d take her back, and Reza said absolutely. If that were to happen, I suggest MJ learns GG’s hook method. She’ll need to hook with her fingers and her toes.

Now on to GG and MJ. When will these two frenemies NOT fight? It seems to be their “thing.” They’re like drunk sorority girls: “I love you. I hate you. I love you. I hate you. I need more to drink. You broke girl code. I want to wax my car with your t-ts. You assaulted my hat, so I’m going to call your mom. But I do love you.” All I have to say to that is, “You don’t need to go all tango on me!”

Speaking of getting all “tango,” how about GG storming off when Leila showed up -- only to be put in her place by the Shah bouncer? I hope she realizes that one drink isn’t going to make her problems or her sister go away. Thankfully the GG whisperer was able to put her in her place. The reality of GG and Leila’s situation is they have a classic case of Competitive Sister Syndrome. I think they’re both guilty: GG shouldn’t be so harsh with her words. And Leila should have been more mindful about her friendship with MJ. Just goes to show that sh-- runs deep when dealing with family matters. Let’s keep it classy, ladies! All I know is my ass would be grounded for life if I’d ever treated my brother the way these two girls treat each other.


Last, let’s talk about Reza and his ex-work husband, Mike. Andy called these two out -- they kissed and made up in the finale, but it looks like things have gone south since that peaceful workout scene. Reza is right and I’ve said it before, no one leaves a thriving career to start over. However, I don’t know the logistics of their deal, so I can’t comment on who’s right and who’s wrong. What I can comment on is IF Mike needs money for a ring, he probably shouldn’t have invested in a bus wrap. And Reza SHOULD have maybe showed Mike the ropes a little more. Selling homes is not an easy job, you have to put in a lot of legwork -- it’s not a get rich quick type business. Mike said he loves Reza like a brother, but “he’s such an ---hole.” These two guys are becoming MJ and GG 2.0. They should all just get a room! One for their bodies and one for their egos.

I can’t wait for next week when Vida joon pays us a visit. I hope they give her the memo that there are no crocodiles in the San Fernando Valley.

And if you missed the final Shahs After Show, be sure to check it out now.

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