Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly was shocked at the drunken, uncalled for behavior of pretty much everyone at dinner.

on Nov 30, 2012

Asa made an insensitive comment cheering to Omid's "big" nose before I arrived. I completely understand how that could come across as offensive or insulting. Even though Asa meant it in a good way, Omid deserves an explanation and apology. However, I think GG's response is absolutely uncalled for. Women should never degrade each other to such a despicable low as to call one another a "transvestite." GG should have more respect for her fellow women than to stoop to such a low level. Even if Asa has offended and upset her with her comments towards Omid, there are much classier, more lady-like ways to handle your problems.

After this dinner, I’m not so sure I ever want to see some of these people again. I may not have a lot of Persian friends, but suddenly I am thankful for that!