Mercedes "MJ" Javid

MJ thinks the whole fight could have been avoided if Asa had just considered Omid's feelings.

on Dec 11, 2012


Episode 2 opens with GG and I taking the doggies to the Zoom Room. I'm thinking I'm gonna see GG alone, and help her fill in the blanks from the night before. I knew she wasn't going to remember everything. When you drink to that point (and yes, we all saw when I was there), it scares you straight, and forces you to curb your drinking and not let it happen again.

However, GG was really thrown aback by Asa's repeated comments about Omid's nose. We just met Omid for the first time, and Asa gave herself license to comment casually and publicly in a way that would be construed as rude by most people. We'll revisit this later in the episode.

Asa's Lunch With the Family
Zinat Khanoom's opinion represents the majority of every Persian parent on the planet: they want us to pursue a secure vocation that pays the bills and provides a comfortable life. Asa's decision to move back into the home that created income for her is a tremendous undertaking, and her mom's concern is that Asa is putting the cart before the horse.