Mercedes "MJ" Javid

MJ thinks the whole fight could have been avoided if Asa had just considered Omid's feelings.

on Dec 11, 2012

Lilly, bless her heart. What will come out of her mouth next? It's unfortunate she was miserable practicing law, and I truly hope she'll find success and happiness in her swimsuit business. The crash course about crotch strips was very informative. But the comment about an AIDS infected liner was shameful. I hope that viewers are not misled to thinking HIV is an airborne virus. We need to spread more awareness, not ignorance.

I'm glad the viewers got to meet my dad because he's a big part of my daily life and I'm really glad to share that with everyone. Watching a nurturing father-daughter moment was a precious moment for me.

Reza and Lilly at Lunch
Wow, Reza, really? You're that quick to throw your friends under the bus because your new client has a nicer Rolex than yours? It's one thing to admire someone's bling, but its a WHOLE OTHER thing to admire someone ONLY for their bling. Lilly's statement, "Looking at these girls makes me realize how f---ing fabulous I am." No comment needed, it speaks for itself.