Mercedes "MJ" Javid

MJ thinks the whole fight could have been avoided if Asa had just considered Omid's feelings.

on Dec 11, 2012

Mike and Jessica
I've never seen Mike this happy and certainly not about a person he's dating. Before Jessica, he always had a cloud of confusion about the girls he dated because he wasn't with the right girl. I think she might be the one. I'm happy for them.

Asa Takes Reza to a Psychic
LOL. Asa, takes her soulmate, Reza, to a hookah bar to meet a gypsy fortune teller, named Shohreh. Since Asa doesn't know Reza well enough, she has no idea how horrified and uncomfortable he is. When Reza thanked Asa for the surprise, what he was really thinking was, he'd rather press a button for a trap door that will dump him straight into LA sewer to get out of there.

Oy, my first therapy session. I'm glad I started seeing Dr. Michelle. Before sitting down with her, I had never ever acknowledged significant events in my childhood. I feel really fortunate to discover this. I really want to work out these trust issues that I never knew I had.