Mercedes "MJ" Javid

MJ thinks the whole fight could have been avoided if Asa had just considered Omid's feelings.

on Dec 11, 2012

Pool Party
Reza and I get to the pool party and little did I know that he's planning to forge a partnership with Mike, between tequila shots? I wish them nothing but success, but what's the "forget MJ" all about? Just because I let him move his little desk into my corner office doesn't make us partners in business. Mixing business with pleasure became a toxic work environment. Lesson learned.

So we finally get to the Omid/GG/Asa thing. Omid did well breaking it down to Asa. He pointed out that in the context of just meeting her, her comment was simply rude and brash. It could have all ended there if Asa acknowledged that and apologized.


I know that Asa truly did not see it their way, and then we all saw how it escalated. I pulled GG back, but I was shocked it got that far. I know both girls had the best intentions to start out, but never had a meeting of the minds.