Mike Shouhed

Mike's not sure what GG was trying to tell him, but he does know he's about to take the real estate world by storm.

on Dec 23, 2012

Vaveyla! I can't believe this weeks episode. My talk with GG was a roller coaster. Can you keep up with all the different stories that this girl is giving me? Yeah, me either!

Lilly and Yas do look like twins -- so cute, tiny, and fierce. Lilly should cut her some slack. She's only been here for two months. That's really not that long. Yas probably has culture shock. Houston and LA are as different as night and day.

Mom, I can't believe you are calling me out! You know that ANYTHING I put my mind to, I get done. Keller Williams Hollywood Hills, there is a new agent in the office and I am going to the top. TOP AGENT that is. I will prove my mommy wrong.

OK, now the good stuff: my man Reza clubbing it up like a "ho" as he puts it. LOL! Seems like the entire club was filled with twinks (rail thin gay guys). Reza looked like he was in heaven. Erik is so his type. The arm pit fetish is a little weird though. To each is own and as long as Adam doesn't ask, I guess it's not cheating in their relationship.