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I'm Not a Push Over

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I'm Not a Push Over

Mike explains why he was so upset with Omid and why he's happy things didn't get physical. 

I don't know what got into me! The dinner at Sammy's was supposed to be about Asa and GG making up. This was the night that was going to bring an end to the fighting between my two girls.

The night before, GG and I had a conversation about "all the s--- talking that I had been doing about Omid." She claimed that Omid had heard that I was spreading rumors about him. So he was retaliating by spreading nasty rumors about me. The issue is that I NEVER had said one bad thing about Omid. I actually liked the guy! I think this was another evil plan by Golnesa to stir the pot between me and her "man."

I promised myself not to say or do anything stupid when I saw him. That lasted about two-and-a-half seconds. My blood started boiling as soon as he walked into the door.

To think that this guy who had been talking all this shit about me, kisses me and pretends that we are cool. Such fakeness! I finally exploded when we sat down to eat. I'm not a violent human being, but I am also not a push over. I'm glad that neither one of us got violent. Nothing is worth getting physically hurt over. The truth will prevail and Omid will know who was really the cause of our issues.

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