Mike Shouhed

Mike thinks Lilly needed to lighten up and enjoy Cabo.

on Jan 13, 2013

Mo-cedes, Mo problems!!! LOL

I love Mexico! Weather, water, and wackiness. . .our crew indulges in all of it. I'm so glad I could hook up this sexy mega yacht to ease the tension between Asa, MJ and Lilly. It was an amazing day on a $10 million+ boat. Then to top it off with a crazy night of partying. We shut down that club. Danced, drank, smoked hookah, and laughed the night away. Well at least most of us did.

Lilly, the princess needs to let lose and live a little. This is MEXICO NOT MEXICAN'T! MJ thank you for picking up Lilly's slack in the rock star portion of the trip. We got home and Reza decides it would be a good idea to go through MJ's purse. . .BAD idea dude! My mom has imbedded in my mind that a man never goes through a woman's purse.