Cast Blog: #SHAHS

Mocedes, Mo Problems

Mike thinks GG is delusional and MJ needs to relax.

What's the best way to cure a hang over? Drink some more! Omid invited MJ, GG, and I over to his house for a little BBQ after the disaster that went down at the Solati pool party.

It didn't take long after GG got there for her to start talking about Asa. . .She is delusional. My patience is wearing thin with this chick. MJ must play ping pong the way she's bouncing back and forth so much. She needs to pick a side and stick to it. It's either GG or Asa, but both can't be right

Yay another episode about how "fabulous" Lilly's bathing suit line is. I have to admit the model is pretty hot, I can't believe she's Persian.

And now to the FUN part. In one corner weighing 230 pounds Reza the Ranter. In the other corner weighing ??? we have Mocedes "moproblems". . .All this because I came in for an interview?

Yes MJ and Reza have been friends forever, yes they share an office, but no, they haven't done many deals together. MJ has been way too comfortable and really hasn't done much in the real estate world lately. Reza and I are on the same page. We are both hustlers trying to build our empire. Of course, we are going to team up. No hard feelings MJ, it's just business. I hope I didn't come between 20 plus years of friendship. How will this all unfold?

Best regards,
Mike Shouhed

MJ: "I Finally Opened My Heart to Love"

MJ dishes on her new man.

Last year in Turkey, I was blind-sided in the best way; I had a revelation, a new found desire to become a mother someday. I am very traditional when it comes to marriage and children in one household and under one roof. That is my dream and deepest hope. I have accomplished success in my career and happiness in every other area in my life. I finally opened my heart to love. I became vulnerable to find love. I met Charlie via Facebook/Tinder. I didn't "swipe right" on him, but he screen grabbed my profile, and messaged me on Facebook one night while I was at my place with Reza and Adam. They drilled Charlie with a series of questions about "what would make you a good candidate for MJ." Suffice it to say, he passed the test, took me to a beautiful, romantic restaurant on our first date where the conversation flowed, and so did the chemistry.

I'm so glad to have met Asifa last year, and even happier she has joined our group. My first impression of Asifa was that she was very polite, prim, pretty, and cordial. As time went on, I began to discover that there are many layers to Asifa. We are a complicated group of people and I look forward to getting to know her on a deeper level, the way I know the rest of my friends.

At Asa's house for the fire jumping ceremony, we all noticed Mike engrossed by Jessica eating a piece of shrimp, and I called him out. To me it was sexy to see a couple turned on by one another. But when I said what everyone else was thinking, Mike and Jessica looked shocked at what I had said, which was surprising to me. I think that once you are in a serious relationship, cheeky conversation topics are not at all off limits, and for us, the best thing about our friendship is sharing good spirited laughs with each other.

Woah, Nelly! Bobby was in the room for less than five minutes when Mike immediately picked a fight with him? As I watched this unfold, I saw how high Mike's nerves were running... It was very awkward. I attribute it to all the fresh, new, successful, alpha-male energy in the room. The tension in the room was undeniable, and unfortunately it got the best of him. Mike and Bobby have some history, and within seconds of Bobby getting there it all came to a head. This is a bad start for both of them, and it spilled over into a divide between us all.

Here's to a fruitful 2015!

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