Mike Shouhed

Mike thinks GG is delusional and MJ needs to relax.

on Dec 16, 2012

And now to the FUN part. In one corner weighing 230 pounds Reza the Ranter. In the other corner weighing ??? we have Mocedes "moproblems". . .All this because I came in for an interview?

Yes MJ and Reza have been friends forever, yes they share an office, but no, they haven't done many deals together. MJ has been way too comfortable and really hasn't done much in the real estate world lately. Reza and I are on the same page. We are both hustlers trying to build our empire. Of course, we are going to team up. No hard feelings MJ, it's just business. I hope I didn't come between 20 plus years of friendship. How will this all unfold?

Best regards,
Mike Shouhed