Nadine Rajabi

Nadine thinks there might be some hope for the twosome.

on Dec 21, 2012

Hi, everyone! Thank you for reading my blog every week! A lot of you have been asking who the hell I am, and what makes me qualified to write this blog since I’m not on the show. Well, let me give you a brief overview. I’ve been producing Bravo shows for the past few years and have been a comedienne for quite some time. So when the network needed a blogger, they came to me. Why? Because for the first time being typecast worked to my advantage. I fit the unibrow, facial hair, gaudy, and loudmouth criteria. Now, I know all I do is watch these guys and sit in judgment, but let me show you why I feel like I’ve earned the right to do so…

That was me when I was nine. Iranian by blood, but Orange County by birth. My mom tried to make me as assimilated as she could; putting me in the most “American” sweater she could find. Apparently, “Ski the Rockies” screamed U.S.A. to my Persian mother. Looking like that, my mom would say to me “Negar (my Persian name), you are so beautiful…” With that said, I feel like I was meant to comment on Iranian idiosyncrasies my whole life. I really understand what my Shahs go through!

More on my unibrow at a later date. Let’s get to tonight’s episode!

The past few weeks I’ve gone really deep with each scene, but I want to take time today to dissect the bigger issues in this episode. It’s only the fourth week, and already friendships are broken and GG has completely lost her mind. In a nutshell, GG shows us she’s completely pathological, MJ acts out, Asa reveals she’s dating a Jackson, and Reza shows his bitchy side and his armpit fetish.