Nadine Rajabi

Nadine recaps whether Reza or MJ is dying alone, the future of diamond water, and GG's angst.

on Dec 16, 2012

Speaking of. . .let’s talk about this crazy fight between GG and her sister. GG’s Dad has called a meeting between GG and her sister to talk about their hair extension business. He tells GG that she needs to finish her tasks for their business, and that’s when they get into it. The best part about the fight was when Leila said to GG that she didn’t even know how much the extensions sold for. And GG basically said, she didn’t have to know; she was in charge of marketing. Hey, GG, if you learn nothing else, memorize this. . .

The four P’s of marketing are: Product, place, promotion, and. . .PRICE.

The girls continue fighting and GG threatens to cut her sister’s face with a knife. Can someone tell her you’re not supposed to shank your siblings? Who does GG think she is? Tony Soprano? She drives an Audi, not a Lincoln Town Car. I don’t blame GG’s sister for resenting her! And if anyone in that family is going to be doing the cutting, it should be Dad. . .as in cutting GG off.

What a day!