Nadine Rajabi

Nadine recaps the gang's trip to Cabo and the major Persian lessons they learned in Mexico.

on Jan 6, 2013

Anyway, somehow the group all made it to sundown to go to dinner except for a drunk Mike. When the group goes to look for him, they find him passed out in his bed. When he woke up he went straight to the bathroom to puke his brains out, and then exposed his Golden Doodool to MJ and Asa. Who knew he had THE REAL GOLDEN DOODOOL? No wonder he's such a peacemaker. All you can do with that tool is make love, not war. Sadly, Mike never made it to dinner, but he should have at least loaned his Golden Doodool to the table. They needed peace!

When you have a dinner with Lilly, MJ, Asa, and Reza present, nothing can come good of it. . .and nothing did. At dinner, MJ revealed she went to therapy and Reza didn't want MJ to be a Debbie Downer with the conversation -- so he tried to mustache-block the conversation and lighten the mood. MJ clarified that it’s not everyday she has therapy and wanted to share it with friends and acquaintances.

Persian lesson #2: Never call Lilly an "acquaintance." Based off Lilly’s reaction, it’s the mother of all Persian insults. And nobody puts Barbie in a corner!

Sammy tried to play mediator again. He's really trying to inch his way back on into the action, isn’t he? As everyone tried to lighten the mood, MJ brought it back to herself, which didn’t go over too well. And that’s when MJ started her line of interrogations with Reza and Asa. Long story short, it comes out that MJ called Lilly a Chia Pet (which she claims is a term of endearment) and that Lilly’s wig walks in the room an hour before she does.

Persian Lesson #3: Chia Pet is a Persian pet name and wigs clearly aren’t on Persian time, only their owners are!