Nadine Rajabi

Nadine recaps the gang's trip to Cabo and the major Persian lessons they learned in Mexico.

on Jan 6, 2013

As MJ and Asa go back and fourth, Asa slams MJ by accusing her of popping pills.

Persian and Universal Lesson #4: Never call someone a pill popper. Just because you popped an Ambien once or twice, doesn’t make you a pill popper. Just like the girls in Catholic school, who believe doing it in the butt once or twice doesn't make you a slut.

I went to Catholic school, so I can say that. . .but I’m not a slut. Anyway, MJ got so pissed off, that she got up and walked off into the bushes and continued to fight with the group. The episode left off with MJ calling Asa a disgusting b---. Gotta love Persians in Mexico. They’re like a piñata of drama. It’s too bad GG wasn’t there to take a whack!

I’m so torn about this fight. I think Asa was WAY out of line by calling MJ a pill popper, but I also think MJ should have stopped trying to prove her point about Lilly.

I think this whole thing is about MJ feeling like her gubby (gay husband) is cheating on her with Asa and Lilly. I kind of feel for MJ. And the ordeal at the table taught me Persian Lesson #5.

Persian Lesson #5: Lilly is like a silent but deadly fart.

 She pretends like it’s all good and that she doesn’t want to get sucked into the drama, but she’ll creep up on you when you least expect it. And when she does, it stinks! As for Reza and Asa, it looks like they’re in their honeymoon phase. Unfortunately for MJ, I don’t think their marriage is ending anytime soon.