Nadine Rajabi

Nadine reflects on Part 2's major dramas and commends the Shahs for putting their lives out there for our enjoyment.

on Mar 3, 2013

So here we are: Part Two of The Shahs of Sunset reunion. If you haven’t seen my reunion nightmare from last week yet, check it out here:

It’s been an emotional 12-week journey together, but we’ve finally reached the finish line with everyone’s favorite Persian posse. Last week Part 1 brought the drama to a head and left me hoping beyond hope for Part 2 to wrap up all of the friendships and fighting and hand them to us in a pretty little happy ending box.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t! Here’s a look at how I experienced Part 2 as a wild ride of emotional twists and turns. I laughed, I cried, and I had a lot of WTF moments. Yes, that’s right, the Shahs provoked emotion out of me, and that’s hard to do because feelings usually have a tough time getting to my heart through all of the excess body hair.

Things that made me laugh:

1. Reza likes an armpit with no deodorant. OK, this we knew, but can we pause on it for just a minute here? Reza said he didn’t know he liked deodorant-free armpits until he started dating someone that didn’t wear deodorant. Funny? Yes, but what’s really hilarious are all of the things we can infer about Reza just from knowing this fact about him. For example, I imagine Reza to be the type of guy that likes to smell other people’s farts too. Safe to say, we can all bear the funk of our own farts, but when someone else’s fart hits the air, it’s the WORST.SMELL.EVER. Unless you’re Reza, who I’m almost certain basks in the bliss of B.O. and methane! Hey, I’m not judging. To each their own!