Nadine Rajabi

Nadine discusses Persian moms and shopping, Omid's hair feather, and the inner monolgues of a Shah.

on Jan 27, 2013

Moving on to Asa's recording studio visit with legendary Persian singer Andy. Being from Orange County, I wasn't as integrated with Persians as much as our Shahs were. But there is one thing that I know about Persian music and that's Andy. He's like the Persian Tom Jones only his legions of female fans don’t throw their panties on stage -- they actually throw themselves.

Anyway, for Asa to be in the studio with him was a big get for her. No wonder she was so nervous. When the man with sunglasses tells you to sing the word PCH better, you do it! Hell, you’ll sing every highway on the map. Here’s what baffles me (and I’m in no way trying to hate on Asa): I don’t get how she can call herself the Persian Pop Priestess when she's NEVER PERFORMED LIVE?!? I feel like being the Persian Pop Priestess is a title you earn once you've achieved some notoriety for your music. Someone like Googoosh (the most famous Persian Idol) is someone that can carry that title. But Asa has to perform at least ONCE to even call herself a performer. Otherwise, she's just like every other Bravolebrity that thinks they can sing.