Nadine Rajabi

Nadine discusses Persian moms and shopping, Omid's hair feather, and the inner monolgues of a Shah.

on Jan 27, 2013

Like I said, it’s a problem…

But I digress. I’m happy that Vida agreed to go to therapy with MJ. Baby steps!

Now on to the Persian peace summit, which turned out to be more like a planned attack if you ask me. Every time these guys sit at the same table -- hell breaks loose. They should NEVER plan their gatherings around anything that represents a dinner table or involves cutlery. But before I dive into all of the delicious drama that transpired let me just say how much I LOVE the way Sammy always tries to force his way in to the action. This season we’ve seen him try to be the mediator, the drunken companion, and now he offers up his house as neutral territory for GG and Asa to make amends. I hope he has good insurance. . .and common sense enough NOT to serve alcohol!

Onward to the last supper! I really had high hopes for this dinner. GG was on her best behavior all episode, and everyone there was on board (sort of) for the reconciliation that was intended to go down. But those hopes were dashed from the moment GG walked in the door. The first party foul was GG walking in and not saying “hello” to her striped dress twin, Asa. Side note: I’m glad they both got the memo that the S.S. Tehran was docked in the Valley and they both followed the nautical dress code. Anyway, after that I had a feeling that GG’s snub was just foreshadowing to the drama that lay ahead.

BUT. . .I never expected the fighting to start with Mike and Omid. I was shocked at our “Zen Master’s” behavior. I had to watch the dinner twice to take it all in! The whole time I kept rooting for GG thinking, “Girl, don’t lose your cool. Stay grounded! Shuttle, shuttle!” Who knew that Mike had so much anger built up over Omid? The whole thing became a pissing contest over who had the bigger Doodool Talah (golden penis).