Nadine Rajabi

Nadine reflects on all the love and progress in the season finale.

on Feb 10, 2013

Later that day Lilly paid Asa a visit to confide in her about her relationship woes. She finally realized she didn’t want to be with the famous Persian Cowboy from Texas, Ali Baba. THANK YOU, LILLY! I’m glad we were able to get this realization before the season ended. I have to say this was the first time I’ve ever seen Lilly vulnerable, oh AND EATING! It was nice. See what food can do, Lilly? You go girl, eat your feelings!

After therapy with Lilly at Casa de Asa, our Persian Pop Priestess headed to her Persiapalooza rehearsal. At rehearsal, one of the dancers said to Asa, “We just have to go over this a couple times and it’s going to be gold.” Translation: We’re f---ed.

Asa gets on the mic to rehearse her song, and she messes up. Some advice? Knowing your song before your big day might help. Just saying. The big realization of the day: Asa realizes when she moves, her tone changes. . .annndd that’s why Beyonce lip-synced at the inauguration. Just sayin’. . .

While Asa desperately tries to learn all the words and dance moves before Persiapalooza, Mike goes to visit his family and asks his parents permission to take his relationship with Jessica to the next level. It was a very sweet moment to see Mike with his parents, and to see how accepting his parents were. In the Persian culture (as Mike has said), it’s a very big deal for Jewish families to marry Jewish. Moms always want their Jewish boy to bring home nice Jewish girl. It’s a very old school way of thinking, but it exists with religion/race, you name it.