Nadine Rajabi

Nadine reflects on all the love and progress in the season finale.

on Feb 10, 2013

Anyway, I do admire Asa for getting on stage and representing our people the way she did. It takes a lot of balls to get on stage, period. After all, she was unstoppable. She Esfanded her crotch to warn off all the evil, and even got Henna. BTW, Esfand is the Iranian version of sage and my family burns it all the time. Sometimes they burn it so much it starts smelling like a weed dispensary at my Grandma’s house. I always wonder what my Grandma’s neighbors must think when they smell the smoke coming out of her house. They’re probably like, “Damn, Granny lights up! No wonder she always has food at her house. Ol’ lady must always have the munchies!” Real Translation: Even if Granny did light up, it’s legal in California. Mind yo’ own business!

Anyway, Asa ended up killing it on stage, everyone was proud of her and they ended the night in a food fight. MJ was right, their summer wasn’t easy. GG turned their world upside down, MJ and Reza fought, MJ and Asa fought, Mike and GG fight, and GG and Asa fought. It was 300 all over again, but thankfully tonight the Persians won.

I know it all ended great, but something tells me the reunion isn’t going to be very fluffy. These people can’t go anywhere without drama. S--- will go down, and Andy better not have a knife on set because heads will roll if GG is around. And a quick side note on GG. I hope she finds her peace. Seeing her away from the group at the very end made me a little sad. What can I say, I’m a masochist for always forgiving people. But they’re still people, even if they are wack. Translation: I don’t want to get my ass kicked if I ever cross GG in a dark alley.

See you all next week for the first part of the reunion!!! Until then enjoy my take on what is and isn't Persian.

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Nadine Rajabi is a television producer, writer, and comedian from Los Angeles. Most importantly she's Persian, and has been her whole life.