Nadine Rajabi

Nadine tells you about "knowing a guy," diamond water, and the high holidays.

on Jan 20, 2013

On to Great Neck! I love how Reza rented a Range Rover in New York. Who does that? Persians! The Farsi Four are all in the car roaming the streets of NYC, while MJ tries to navigate. Putting a Persian in charge of directions is a BAD idea because directions don’t exist in our world. Case in point -- remember when MJ tried to put together her Ikea desk a few episodes ago? We’re so headstrong that we always think we know best no matter what situation we’re in. Hell, I’m sure Mike (being the backseat driver that he is) is thinking his middle name is Range Rover.

It’s cultural. Almost as cultural as Asa wanting to go to Harlem to get African head wraps so she can be prepared, should she ever run to be the President of Tanzania.

Anyway, after being lost, Reza drops the gang off to have some alone time with his pops. They have lunch and Reza asks a lot of questions about his Grandmother and the big family rumor of why Reza’s grandpa left his grandma. Reza has a "Come to Mohammad" where he understands why his Grandma is the way she is. Baby steps! I love a self-aware Reza. But not SO self aware that he realizes his armpit fetish is spectacularly weird and eccentric.

Fast forward to the seder. The Farsi Four arrive at Reza’s family’s house and are greeted with open arms. As soon as Reza is done with his hellos, he goes to greet his grandma. Reza’s grandma says she’s been waiting for him. WOAH! What a HUGE change from last season. Last season she was in the corner alone eating by herself like the troll under the bridge in “Three Billy Goats Gruff.” What redemption for Reza! And what a surprise for us! Almost as surprising as learning that they call his grandma “Iran Khanoom,” which means “Lady Iran” in Farsi. Whodda thunk this little ol' lady was a pageant queen in her day?!? IF beauty pageants existed in Iran, I imagine that the swimsuit round would be replaced by most beautiful burka and rather than an interview round they’d judge contestants based on who could keep their mouth shut the longest. That’d be enough pressure to make anyone cranky for a lifetime.