Nadine Rajabi

Nadine discusses the rest of the gang's trip to Cabo, Reza's hair, and Asa's bikini.

on Jan 13, 2013

It was a drama-free afternoon on the boat. The most exciting thing that happened was Asa agreeing to get laser treatment with Lilly, if Lilly promises to go to lunch in Beverly Hills with no makeup. Honestly, she strikes me as one of those girls who are prettier without makeup. Asa is completely on to something.

Later that night, Reza deemed the night as Heyvoon Bazi (animal play) status, and the group went all out. MJ danced her face off on the bar, Mike smoked a hookah, shots were flowing and two hookers made a Sammy sandwich. Meanwhile, Captain Un-Fun sat back and judged everyone. So the gang says good riddance when Lilly and her $15K Hermes bag head home before the party’s over. And thank God she did because she wouldn’t want any more sweat touching her bag. Judging by Lilly’s reaction, you’d think Asa sweats dirt. Lilly, you don’t take an Hermes bag to Mexico, unless you’re using it to bail someone out of jail.

Listen, I’m not judging Lilly because she doesn’t drink. I commend her. It must take a lot of will power to stay strong when your friends are partying all the time. But she’s SUCH a Debbie Downer! Lilly, if you’re going to be so boring, send Coconut in your place next time. At least Coco knows how to make a room spin! Thanks!