Nadine Rajabi

Comedian Nadine Rajabi reflects on Asa's buried gold coins and Lilly's dog Coconut.

on Dec 3, 2012

Finally, we meet our new cast member, Lilly. Let's just say, if Kim K and Barbie ever had a love child, she would be it. She's from Texas, she's Reza's new client friend and she wants to buy a house. Quick backstory: Lilly is a lawyer, who now makes bikinis! Reza envies her because she's so thin, but what he doesn't realize is that they have more in common than they know. They both had mustaches in third grade. I bet you Lilly's 'stache would put Reza's to shame back in the day.

The show continues with Mike driving to Orange County on the phone with his mom. He tells her that he's on the way to his friend Manny's party, which will be attended by every rich Persian in Orange County. He enters to what seems to be a baby shower, when Manny takes him on the house tour.

Mike and Manny conclude the tour with some romantic man time on the beautiful Orange County deck. Mike asks Manny how he did it, and Manny gives him his whole life story in about three minutes. He tells him he came to the states at 13 and had to dumpster dive and sell stuff at the swap meet to survive. Inspired, Mike tells us that he wants to be just like Manny. A little advice Mike: Take off your purple plaid shirt before you hit the dumpster. Mommy wouldn't like that.

While Mike is getting inspired by Manny, Asa drives her broke ass in her Mercedes to meet with a designer, who wants her to perform at his fashion show. While there, the finance lady (who doubles as Cindy Crawford's Latina twin) tells Asa that she's never heard her music. That doesn't sit well with Asa to say the least. I mean, they called the meeting with the Persian Pop Priestess, they better know her music. They ask her price, and Asa tells them $15 grand, while they tell her they only have $10 grand and they'll get back to her. Asa, who doesn't have any money in her account, decides to roll the dice and walks out thinking she's clinched the gig. Let's hope she did the right thing!