Nadine Rajabi

Comedian Nadine Rajabi reflects on Asa's buried gold coins and Lilly's dog Coconut.

on Dec 3, 2012

Asa welcomes Lilly to the group and GG tells us in interview she loves Lilly too. Let's face it, she needs an ally. Then Asa announces to the table she booked the Fashion Week gig! Hooray, she can pay her bills.

Meanwhile, Mike is annoyed at the very wasted GG and Omid, and the fact that Omid's hands are half-way up GG’s skirt. No big deal. When GG belligerently leaves, Omid is left to fend for himself. That's when he starts thinking he's being attacked and threatens to "Ric Flair" everyone. Lilly gets pissed, and scolds him for making jokes about raising a hand to a woman. She should have given him the "People's Elbow." Omid clearly doesn't like what Lilly says, so he leaves the scene as well. The episode ends with GG yelling for Omid, as they get in a cab together. Let's be real. They were just looking for an excuse to get a room.

CRAZY first episode, right??? GG is out of control. I thought she was working on her anger issues and was working out her differences with Asa. It's clear that she's going to be a problem this season. Albeit, one that we love to hate. I loved watching Asa talk about her money problems while living beyond her means because as a Persian that's all we do. It’s about the flash. It's cultural. We're raised this way. I’ll leave you with this thought that should sum it up: Persians are like Ugg boots: We're brown, furry and sweaty and nobody can figure out why we're so damn trendy.

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