Cast Blog: #SHAHS

Practice What You Preach

GG wishes Asa would get a real job, Reza would stop picking targets, and Lilly would fess up.

WOW!!! Wow is all I have to say about this past season. It was a rough one, right??? Well it was nothing compared to this reunion show! I must say I'm glad that (for once) everyone is not attacking me, but why do these people pick one target and gang up on that person? So now everybody is against my girl MJ. It seems like anytime Reza is mad at someone, the rest just follow him like his little bitches!

I am not here to say if MJ has a problem with alcohol or pills. I am only here to be supportive of her when she needs me. What Lilly said is correct. . .if MJ doesn't admit to having a problem then the problem DOES NOT exist!! So leave MJ alone. If Reza and his sidekicks truly love MJ and believe she has a substance abuse issue, then we should have had a meeting and set up an intervention. But trying to bust someone out on TV is not nice!!! The worst part is that I had to sit through the whole reunion so belive me when I say -- y'all ain't seen nothin' yet! They still have much more to attack MJ with.. sadddddd!

I thought it was rather interesting that Lilly brought all of the paperwork to prove title and ownership of property. I can understand how it must feel when someone is constantly accusing you of being a trophy girlfriend and getting everything from your boyfriend. I guess that's what made her want to prove people wrong. But if people kept calling her a purple alien, would she feel the need to prove it with a birth certificate? I dunno. . .I'm just saying.

I'm not exactly sure why Ass-a likes to involve herself in my conversations when it's quite clear I wasn't speaking to her! I don't like Ass-a. This season Ass-a made it quite clear to the whole world watching our show, that she's a walking contradiction. Claims to be so spiritual, claims to want to give out positive energy. . .But her actions don't amount up to your fake words. Practice what you preach bitch!

So, if this person wants to keep interrupting me while I'm clearly speaking to Andy Cohen, then I'm going to go in and speak the truth. YES, the diamonds that Ass-a puts in the water are BLOOD diamonds! To prove us all wrong, Ass-a should get the certficate from the diamond dealer which proves they only affiliate with conflict-free diamonds. Once you find that the buyer is conflict-free, you find out if their buyer is also conflict-free. It's an unfortunate thing to claim you're giving people positive energy through diamonds that people have been killed and have slaved for.

Moving on. . .Ass-a claims I've never done shit with my life or worked. . .Ummm, does this idiot call what she does work? The bitch can't sing. She basically has sex with diamonds and water filters and claims to be blessing it. . .Is that your job bitch??? I know you guys aren't stupid, so I'm sure you were all wondering how she can have a house and car like that but have no money in the bank. Get a REAL job you contradicting, Boy George, beastly, evil bitch. STOP CONTRIBUTING TO BLOOD DIAMONDS!!!

For the record, I have always owned up to not having worked before, but since the launch of GG's Extensions, I have been working my butt off and the company is blowing up! Most importantly, it's a REAL job!

Let me meditate for a second, because that just got me worked up. . .

Some of you may know that Reza and I have been trying to work on our friendship since this feeling. But I must admit I can tell sometimes he just wants to blurt something out at me. LOL! I appreciate your efforts Reza.

Now I can't go and tell you guys what's going to happen in Part 2 of the Reunion, but I can tell you this. . .It gets really really messy!!! You'll probably need to meditate right after watching! Get that yoga mat ready because you'll be on it for a while after you see our hot and messy Part 2 of the Shahs of Sunset Reunion Special!

Asifa: My Family Loves Bobby

Asifa Mirza dishes on dog grooming and her family. Have you washed the dog since this episode?
Asifa Mirza: Nope, we have been taking the dog to the groomer. They wash him a lot better than I do! How close are you with your family?
AM: I am very close to my family and adore them to pieces. I have 3 brothers -- the younger 2 who are more than 10 years younger than me appeared in last night's episode. My family lives one mile away from me, and I see them very often. My young dad, who is in his late 50s, survived heart failure last year and underwent a heart transplant 2 months prior to filming. He was on life support for 3 and a half months and god knew it wasn't his time to go. My father has yet to experience the joy of being a grandparent, and I would love to be the first child to gift him with that. My mother and father are the best people, and have the most amazing souls and hearts. Even though my dad was born here and my mother has been in the states for over 40 years, they are proud to practice and observe their traditions. They are a great example of forward thinking, open-minded observant Muslims that love everyone and don't believe in extremist ideology. Even though I choose not to observe as they do, I respect them and their traditions. Does your family like Bobby?
AM: My family loves Bobby, and Bobby loves my family. Bobby always says the one thing he loves about me is my family and the way they raised their children. I have a huge extended family, and when we party, we party. My parents stay out of our issues and always say that we are 2 grown adults that should know how to handle issues and make wise decisions.

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