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Recap: Lost But Not Least

Nadine appreciates the deeper peek into the Shahs personality, but wishes she knew less about Mike and Reza's sex lives.

The season is finally over! It's been quite a ride, and I had NOOOO idea that the Shahs could take us in the fast lane the way they did this past season. They proved that their lifestyle is louder, crazier, and more dramatic than anything you or I could ever imagine. I have to say, after last week's reunion I was left sad and upset with a few of the people in the cast. But after watching tonight's Lost Footage episode, I remembered why I love these guys. I really hope they can all work it out next season.

OK, without further adieu, let’s get on with the last of the lost.

I did not find it a coincidence that Reza and MJ didn't interview together. That leads me to believe that the two have not kissed and made up yet. When we have time off between now and next season, I feel like I need an MJ and Reza cam, similar to the puppy cam just so I can keep an eye on them to watch them fight (or play). Some might call it stalking. I call it concern.

Moving on to Mike and Reza. Can I just say I learned waaaayyyy too much about their sex lives. TMI, dudes! I mean, I loved how they kept going back to their carwash convo like they were the peanut gallery. But Jesus, Mohammad, and David! We get it, Mike! You like fake boobs. But being that he likes them so much, it’s curious that he wasn't more obsessed with Lilly’s floatation devices this season. Funny that he's never commented. Maybe if she hadn't been such a pill in Cabo, he could have given her fun bags a quick squeeze.

Oh and -- as far as grooming -- goes it's not shocking that Reza likes a good ol' fashion disco bush to go along with his armpits. Meanwhile, Mike likes no bush. Which pretty much rules almost every Persian girl out of his dating pool (condolences to Mike's mom and dad). Unless, they bought that Laser Groupon that was going around a few months ago. Personally, I think Mike's machismo talk is phony. I didn't see any of his preferences on Jessica. She seems like a natural beauty! At least, from what I could tell on screen, fully clothed.

As for Reza, I imagine him to like his bush so big that it's triple canopied like the Brazilian rain forest. . .with monkeys swinging from trees, parrots flying around, and Shakira there trying to save it. To each their own!

Besides seeing Mike and Reza talk sex, we also got a glimpse of Lilly's black card from the infamous Ali while she shopped. I love that home girl has no shame in using it. As we learned in Part 1 of the reunion episode, Lilly gave her Virginity Card to Ali, so it stands to reason that she feels entitled to his line of credit. Not a bad rule to live by. Here's a question, if she's not dating him, then how much longer can she keep using that black piece of plastic? I mean, she got a few fancy cars out of it. What more does she want? Wanna know what parting gift I got to the man I gave up my V-card to? My Dido CD back. Let's not even go there. . .

Let's get to the drama portion. Besides MJ claiming that she's autistic in interview (side note: she really should not be throwing the term around like a joke. . .just sayin'), she did a lot of things on camera that were SO not acceptable.

How about we start with her being drunk at Reza's family's house in Great Neck? You all know I love MJ and feel for her, but she should have shown more respect for Reza's family. I'd be lying if I said she wasn't funny though. When she called Reza's dad "hot," I almost fell out of my chair laughing. MJ, you know Reza's dad is a former playboy. Why tease him? You're going to give the poor man a heart attack! You're at a religious celebration! Keep it together, ya Persian Snooki!

I can understand why Reza, Mike, and company were upset with MJ that night. They must have felt like babysitters. I did think Mike treated MJ like a child, but the truth is, she was acting like one. She doesn't know when enough is enough. The B.S. line of the night was when Reza said he brought Mike and Asa to his parents house because he didn't want to be micromanaging her inebriation. Come on, Reza. . .really? That's why you brought them? For MJ control? If that's what you were so concerned about, why not just chip her like a dog and serve her virgin drinks?

While on the topic of MJ and Reza, let's talk about sex-gate. I bet MJ is lying, and she DID have sex with Reza. But why lie about it??? Why not just own a hilarious high school story? I'm sure she's done a lot worse than have sex with her gay best friend. For God's sake, I’m sure Pablo and Julio have done worse!

Speaking of Pablo. . .you gotta love a dog that has bad gas after eating too much prosciutto. Watching that scene I kept wondering if it was Sammy letting them rip and blaming the dog? I wouldn't put it past him.

And last but not least, let's talk about Lilly and Asa's cellulite treatment. Um. . .what cellulite does Lilly have? I'm glad she's setting such a good example for young girls. She goes in for that treatment like it's an everyday type-thing; the way some people would get their nails done or their eyebrows threaded. Although I'm pretty certain that getting threaded hurts more. As for Asa getting the treatment, the poor thing looked like she was getting tazed, not lasered. Asa, people from the old country flee this type of treatment and call it torture, while Lilly invites it. Next time. . .RUN!

All in all, this episode ended the season on a high note. It was just the type of comic relief we needed after such a dramatic season. There were so many scenes that provided a peek into the other sides of the Shahs' personalities: Asa's mom loving Snoop and Eminem, Mike being a flirt, MJ's dating criteria and GG's thoughts on selfish men in the bedroom to name just a few. There was just too much to cover, but coming off of last week it was a reminder that there is a lot of love between them all and left me hopeful for what’s to come.

I'd like to take the time to thank you ALL for reading my blog this past season. I also want to thank you for all your comments. I read them all!

Truth is we were on this ride together, and it was a fun one. I’ll miss you guys, and until next season, Khodahafez (Good-bye)!

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Nadine Rajabi is a television producer, writer, and comedian from Los Angeles. Most importantly she's Persian, and has been her whole life.

GG: I Wish Things Were Different

GG explains why she finally had to confront Mike about Turkey. How was Asifa's cooking?
GG: They say the fastest way to a man's heart is through his belly... well Asifa won't be qualifying in that aspect. I've never tasted eggs so bland. The scrambled eggs looked like they got a beat down by an angry crack head and they tasted even worse. Hopefully Asifa is good in bed and can keep her man for those skills instead of her "cooking" skills. Why do you think you weren't interested in dating at that time?
GG: I've been in back to back relationships since I was 15 years old. I have sort of lost my ability to love a man, and I simply get into relationships knowing I'll break up with them soon enough. I was hurt very badly once, and I've become pretty numb to love ever since. I simply want to take a moment and be single and reflect on myself and what it truly is that I hope to get out of a relationship. Learning to trust again is not easy. Especially when so many men cheat! Why did you decide to confront Mike finally at Shervin's party?
GG: Many people don't understand the dynamic between me and Mike, and they never will unfortunately. After the incident in Turkey, things became very awkward between us, perhaps because of his guilty conscience, and he would always talk to me in an angry way. I had warned him many times to stop talking to me like that, but it only got worse. Mike was being extremely disrespectful and condescending toward me; so much so that everyone else noticed it too. After giving Mike a million failed chances to be nicer towards me, I couldn't respect him anymore. I was holding onto a secret that I knew could damage him, but I did it out of respect for our 20 years of friendship. But how does anyone hold onto loyalty for someone that is walking all over them? I wish things could be different. But he never made the effort. His guilt led him to be so mean to me and enough was enough. I had to drop the bomb.

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