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Miker's Mark

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Cry Me a River

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Lilly: Ain't Nobody Got Time for This

Miker's Mark

Reza discusses his new pal Lilly and the dinner party drama.

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OK, did you guys just watch us at the dinner table? First of all, what you guys don't know is, my guest, Lilly, never actually got any food. So I bring her here, she doesn’t get any food, and then Omid wants to, like, bitch slap her?

How drunk were Omid and GG? Did you guys notice GG said "Miker's Mark?" Like, this ho is so drunk she can't even say "Makers Mark." She was calling it "Miker's Mark." And why does homeboy need to drink everything she's drinking? Like, both of them need to stop drinking.

And if MJ is the voice of reason at the table when it comes to drinking, you know your ass is in bad shape because usually MJ is the drunkest one out of us all. OK, so to hear MJ be the voice of reason, first of all, like, is it, like, opposites day?

And then we head to, like, the dinner from hell at MJ's uncles house. Like, taking the bird? MJ's mom likes that bird more than she loves MJ. Ok? Bitch, focus on your daughter, forget about your bird. That was craziness. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do.

But hopefully what you guys will do next week is tune in and catch the Shahs. And I’ll be back for more Reza commentary. Put a moustache on it.