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The Best Laid Plans...

Reza does some "shuttling" to show us how he felt about dinner with MJ, Asa, Mike, GG, Omid, and Lilly.

See Reza's full transcript, after the jump:Ok so you just watched Episode 9 right? What did you think?

It was okay; I mean, I’m not really sure how I felt.

Well, you went to anger management, didn’t you?

Yeah, but, I’m sick of being bullied!

But you need to tap into your emotional side!

Ok, really? All I can say is that I’m really glad I had a chance to speak to Golnesa, but now, watching it, she was NOT paying attention! I was thinking, I’m going to put a master plan together to get this tribe back on track. Step One: Meet with GG. Convince her and show her that attacking friends is wrong. Step Two: Sit down with Asa; massage her and give her a present and convince her to have a sit-down with Golnesa. Step Three: Talk to Mike and MJ. Work my fat ass out, and convince them that we all need to get together. And Step Four: Call Fat Sammy, and tell him to offer up his house, so we can actually have the meeting. So we all show up to the meeting, and what happens? Golnesa comes in and snubs Asa right off the bat, and then World War III breaks out between Omid and Mike. Nothing gets accomplished, and we leave. Like, we’re in a much darker, uglier place than we were before that meeting. WOW.

Thanks a lot, Reza, for all of your hard work.

No problem guys, it was my pleasure.

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Asifa: MJ Can Be a Dangerous Person

Asifa Mirza is still trying to figure MJ out. Were you a fan of the leggings MJ picked?
Asifa Mirza: They were tolerable. MJ and I have very different taste when it comes to fashion... Did you think MJ was instigating things with Asa?
AM: Yes, very much so. Asa and I walked into the leggings shop with positive vibes and pure excitement. Sadly MJ was clearly not feeling the same vibes. She was in a very defensive and mean mood that Asa and I were simply not feeling or accepting. Once she noticed that we weren't going to tolerate her Debbie Downer attitude, she immediately went into "Attack Asa" mode. Asa was actually defending me, because MJ kept taunting both me and Asa, assuming all we cared about was looking good and that we were not interested in getting into the dodge ball spirit. I feel like she was projecting her real feelings onto us, so that it wouldn't make her look bad. Maybe something happened to her prior to leggings shopping that put her in that nasty mood. Regardless, it's not becoming of her to be rude to us, and it's not OK for her to state that "Asa needs to get laid" when she knows how private Asa is about her relationship. MJ can be a very dangerous person -- one minute you think she is your friend, and the next she does something a friend would never do (something super hurtful). I am still trying to understand her and her motives... Did you enjoy dodge ball?
AM: Yes, I love anything related to sports, working out, and breaking a sweat.

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