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Lilly: Ain't Nobody Got Time for This

Asa: "That Truffle Pizza was Mighty Delicious"

Asa explains why she and the rest of the gang didn't intervene in Lilly and MJ's standoff.

The journey of getting Diamond Water off the ground has been very emotional for me.

And the hard work never stops. The beautiful bottle we designed is so unique that it's been very challenging to mass produce. As an entrepreneur and an artist, I start with my vision then figure out how to create it physically. Never the other way around. Many people are limited from the get-go. I think that when you have a dream or a project, it's critical to keep your mind wide open with your inspiration and not be tied to any limitation. With your dreams, you have to keep your mind limitless. Then, when the vision is there, you can work on the details of making it possible.  

This season, you will be with me every step of the way of making my dream come true, and it certainly was not without challenges.

Seeing Reza and Adam move in together makes me so happy. I'm very proud of Reza as he has been really challenging himself this past year, and it's been an amazing time of personal growth for him. A year or two ago, this move would have been inconceivable. They are great for each other, and I wish them the best in life.

Mike and Reza working together. The way Mike talks about their professional relationship sounds more like a mentor-type deal.  But I was always under the impression that they were going to be partners, meaning both put in equal work. Sometimes two people have different work ethics and are simply not compatible to work together. I think this is one of those situations, in which case it's best to break up professionally to save the friendship.

It was hard for me to watch the scene with Leyla. I'm happy that both Golnessa and MJ are there for her personally and professionally through these hard times. But Leyla is a tough girl and will get through this victoriously.

I have to say I'm a bit over the whole RSVP thing. That horse is so dead. And as far as the argument between MJ and Lilly, they had a bunch of things to say to each other that had been building up for a while, and they did. Sometimes when people start arguing about BS, I just tune out. And that truffle pizza was mighty delicious. 

None of us got involved in that boob sisters face-off because it was between MJ and Lilly and very little to do with any one of us.  We all have had plenty of input and voiced our positions on the whole thing -- this was finally their time to face each other.

Oh, and I think my punchline after every dumb fight from now on is going to be "You're not gonna finish your steak?"