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Why Can't MJ Just Say "I'm Sorry"?

Lilly Needs to "Get More Real"

Asa dishes on the lunch with Lilly and why she apologized.

Hi Lovers! 

I'm glad Mike is trying to bring in business, but I personally don’t think that spending $35K on putting his picture on a bus is the best move when he's not making any real estate money. It's good that his Mom keeps it real with him. I hope it works out for him.

At the gallery: The last thing I want to do is to explain my project for somebody's “approval.” But being a conceptual artist the story behind a work is equally critical as the aesthetics of the project. David is really smart and also multicultural, so he totally got it. Our generation lives in an entirely new world in which cultural borders are continuously melting. That's the stuff I'm interested in. That emotional place where you are half this and half that or you are one thing but grew up somewhere else. Rafting was funny. I liked seeing Golnesa in that setting. It's good that Rez brought Merc there so that she and Golnesa could work it out. Even though the peace plan was a little bit of a bust the whole trip aided in lessening the tension. So, good plan! Oh, and I LOVED when they all fell in the water. So fun! LOL!

The actual rafting gave me flash backs of the time I went white water rafting in the Himalayas in the Boti Kosi River than runs from Tibet into Nepal. It was my very first time rafting and a Class 5 river. Let's just say it was intense. First of all, MJ actually said, "These people were my friends FIRST," which is the truth and doesn't need defending. Second Lilly and MJ were exchanging catty remarks, and I don't see how this is anybody else's business but theirs. How are you going to have a fight with someone and then blame the other people? I really wish Lilly would get more real about things.

I apologized to Lilly because I did not want her to be hurt by my actions, however I expect the same type of respect and accountability for her actions. To be honest, it's difficult to be friends with someone who is always condescending and thinks they are better than everybody else.