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What MJ Did was Wrong

GG: I Was Genuinely Concerned About Mike

Asa: Mike Was a Bit Crunk

Mike: I've Been Wanting to Confront Bobby

Asifa: Mike Is Insecure

Recap: The Shahs Peace Summit

Recap: Recipe for Disaster

Asa's Profound and Cathartic Trip

Recap: Reza Pops The Big One

The Return of Lochnesa

Mike: I Will Marry Jessica Soon

Reza Dishes on His Engagement

Recap: Make a Run for the Border

Mike Shouldn't be "Scared" of Other Religions

Recap: Turkey with a Side of Apology

Mike's Inner Struggle

Lilly's Disrespectful Behavior

Mike Takes GG's Side

Recap: Outed by Chihuahuas

Reza: "Lilly Doesn't Understand Friendship"

Lilly's Battle with Foot Boogers

Recap: Always a Lady

Recap: A Little Too Much Diamond Water...

The Shah of Bull Sh--

Reza: "I Wish I Had Kept My Mouth Shut"

Ep 8: Persian Empire Divided

Will Mike Put a Ring on It?

Reza Learns the Power of Apology

Recap: Shah-etiquette

MJ Owes GG a Genuine Apology

Loch-Nesa vs. MJ

Asa's Juice Disaster

Recap: Persian Pride?

MJ's Moral Compass is Way Off

An Offer Lilly Can't Refuse?

Recap: Homo-Not-So-Genius

Mike's Disappointment with Reza

Asa: "I Definitely See Why Reza is Irritated"

Reza on the Fight: "I'm Not Proud of It"

Lilly Needs to "Get More Real"

Reza to Lilly: "Get Off Your High Horse"

What MJ Did was Wrong

Asa explains why she wanted MJ to apologize to Sean and why GG needs to try taking a less aggressive approach to confrontation.

I love seeing Adam and Reza together. It makes me happy to see Reza so happy. He's come a looong way. It's true love when your partner brings you peace of mind and makes you want to be a better person.

I'm usually not really into fluffy dogs' birthday parties, but went to Coconut’s birthday at the park to be with my friends.

I'm happy to see that Reza is dealing with his demons at the therapist. We all make mistakes, but what's important is to grow from them.

The night out with Rez and Merc was so fun. Kickin’ back and laughing.I understand why Golnesa is mad at Merc, because what Merc did was wrong. I stepped out so that they could talk it out alone. It's something that is between them and has nothing to do with me. When I stepped back in, they were still at it and I urged Merc to apologize to Sean, and was very happy that she did. But I want my girl Golnesa to know that her words will be heard louder if she takes a less aggressive approach. Even if your words are the truth, when you are aggressive, it actually makes it harder to hear you.

But ultimately Mercedeh and Golnesa love each other, and if they can both find understanding for the other's feeling, they will get right back to that BFF place they were at last year.

Mike: I've Been Wanting to Confront Bobby

Mike discusses why he confronted Bobby. Why were you so nervous to show your parents the ring?

Mike Shouhed: My mom is a very tough critic, so I wanted the ring to symbolize how much I love Jessica. The whole idea of getting engaged is what I was most nervous about. Did you feel there was tension at Asa's party?

MS: Tons of it. What most people don’t know is that Asifa and I have a “mutual friend,” and this friend was trying to get us at each other’s throats, so there was a lot of he said/she said drama that was happening between me, Asifa, Bobby, and the mutual friend.

Things went from 0 to 100 real quick. 

Mike Shouhed Why do you think things got so heated with Bobby?

MS: I’ve been wanting to confront Bobby for a long time about all the gossip and sh--- talking he was doing, and I never had a chance to, so when I finally got to see him, things went from 0 to 100 real quick. 

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