Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

GG explains why she blew up at MJ.

on Dec 10, 2013

Meeting with Sasha and getting to know each other was lots of fun. Sasha is a very sweet man, and I'm glad we've become friends. Hearing his side of the story on what went down at the club really fired me up! It seems like MJ keeps getting involved in situations where she doesn't belong. She was never at Lilly's party to see me kiss Shayan, but she decided to tell on me. She wasn't at Reza's house to see what happened, yet she decided to go off on Sasha. So I completely understand Sasha's frustration!
Coconut, oh Coconut! Happy Birthday! I've gotta say I've never been to a dog birthday party, but Lilly sure did go all out for these dogs. My Pitbull Hailey had the best time ever! The only sad thing is that not too long after Coconut's party, I had to give Hailey away. I was always gone working or traveling and Hailey would spend more time in dog hotels than at home. I found her an amazing family and Hailey is so happy with her new home. I miss you Hailey. Thank you Coconut for giving Hailey her first (and probably only) dog birthday party.