Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

GG explains why she blew up at MJ.

on Dec 10, 2013

It's time for Loch-Nesa to show up!!! I love my girls and we love girls' night. We drink, we dance, we laugh, and ultimately have a blast! But if I'm drunk and a negative emotion arises, then Loch-Nesa comes out at full force. When I approached MJ to speak to her and said I couldn't sit because my pants were too tight, she feels the need to start it up by saying I have camel toe! LMFAO!!! Now that might be funny, but when you know I'm pissed at you AND drunk, why would you play with fire??? People don't focus on her wrong doings because she does things so quietly and gets away with it. But never forget that there is nothing quiet about me when you piss me off! She has crossed the line one too many times and refuses to take accountability for hurting me. She claims she loves me but who does that to people they love? She gave a fake apology to him just to shut me up. But does she really think that will work? I guess all that matters to MJ is what Reza thinks, and if Reza has her back on everything, then MJ will never see that what she does to others is ultimately going to hurt herself. I guess time will tell if this friendship will ever get better, or if it's time to just walk away from each other